Finding foot wear for AFOs and SMOs

Finding [cute and fun] shoes is sometimes one of the hardest part about using orthoses. Look for shoes with a wide toe box. Also, look for in-sole that can be removed for additional space. A wide tongue that pulls back as far down as possible helps a lot. Depending on the type of device your kiddo uses, you may need 0.5-1.5 sizes bigger than the barefoot measurement.

BILLY Footwear incorporates zippers that go along the side of the shoes and around the toe, allowing the upper of each shoe to open completely. This makes putting the shoes on with AFOs a breeze

Ikiki shoes have a roomy fit and long straps that makes them work well with AFO and SMO braces. Fun styles and they come with an on/off squeaker!

Orderable as singles in mismatched sizes.

New Balance offers kid's shoes in wide and extra wide widths. They have many styles available.

You can find New Balance shoes online and often locally as well.

Other brands/sites to consider:

Winter Boots

Winter Boots can be especially tough to find for AFOs. Here are some options to look into.

Billy recently came out with a new zip down boot that gives a great winter option.

The Macaroni's Orthotics Edition is a tall all-weather, 3-in-1 boot. It has a front opened liner to better accommodate braces.

Koolway Sports make some boots specially for use with AFOs. These are not inexpensive, but could be a good option for non-ambulatory AFO users